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I don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

Start showing up. Shame free.

Do you feel stuck? Disconnected? That you are going in circles? Perhaps frustration over the fact that you can't get started or you do start something and never finish? Are shame and perfectionism crippling your ability to feel free to do what you truly want? 

My name is Criss and I am a life-coach. My mission is to help people reclaim their power and find the fun and freedom to show up in this world. I help people find focus and drive and live free of crippling doubt and self-judgment. 

I work with women who are fed up with saying yes to things they really don’t want. Women who have life long yearnings they can’t ignore any longer and who are being called to make new choices and discoveries that match their true natures. They want more self-expression, relationships based on trust and authenticity, a body they celebrate, a life’s work that has impact, prosperity, satisfying sex, adventures that leave them astounded and opportunities that seem hand picked for them.

And they especially want to have more fun. 

My clients are tired of being afraid. They are sick of constraints and rules.

My clients want to live a life that is a celebration of the human experience. Full on, all senses tuned in and up. They want to feel wildly alive and know they need to get off the obsessive track of conformity and non-disruption.

My clients are ready to show up as themselves in all areas of life and they are done making excuses.

I am a life coach who helps clients shatter fears and old beliefs so they can fine tune their navigation skills to reach places they don't yet know wait for them.

My clients now say yes because it feels right vs. explain why it probably isn’t.

If you are leaning in right now, I invite you to explore how to work with me or get connected.

When the Demons Come Back with a Vengeance

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