Our Mother Earth is in distress and so are we. Everything is everything and sick earth means sick species, sick societies, sick humans.

Climate crisis is starting to get the media attention it deserves. Thank you to all of our climate advocates who have been screaming into a vacuum for far too long. The latest science states we have no more than 10 years to regenerate the systems that support life on our planet. I read The Deep Adaptation paper published by Dr. Jem Bendell in July 2018 and I immediately sensed a truth and call to action I had been afraid to honour. No more.

The time is here for us to wake up and be initiated into our reason for walking the planet at this time.

I had a dream where I received the message to become a weaver. I did not know what that meant but have quickly been given breadcrumbs to follow and I believe it means to reconnect and regenerate. To take all the threads of humanity and weave them back into a whole. Our planet and all her inhabitants need millions of people to weave. I am a scientifically minded activist. What are you? Who are you? What do you know? What are you being called to become? Do it and do it now. It will be messy and we will stumble often but it will be the profound life we have been seeking to live.

I no longer coach. The way I see it now, is true healing will come when we reach out and connect with one another from exactly where we are. It will be together not separate. Woven.