The Pull of 'Another'

You have an ache. An invitation. You know there is more to you and for you in this life but you are not sure where or how to start, so you spend your days with:

Another show on Netflix
Another drink of wine
Another outfit for your closet
Another unconsciously inhaled snack of choice
Another workout
Another chore
Another partner
Another place
Another social media post
Another selfie
Another comparison
Another judgment
Another story
Another “this”
Another “that”
And so on.

My work is to help you move from the cycle of chasing “that” and “this” to seeing what is here. Now. You.
Here is where choice lies.
Now is when you find your power.
Here is where momentum comes.
Now is where the joy happens.
You are where the magic is.

About Me

I am a person who loves daring, truth, artistry and individuality. I am against the status quo. I want a lot in this life and I want a lot for the people in my orbit. The status quo keeps us bound and dismissive of our wisdom that is the true guide of our life.

I believe in blood, sweat and tears mixed in with magic, stars and spiritual mojo. I have one foot buried in the dirt and one hand tickling the constellations.

I live and coach where the meat meets the meta. This means bone-deep, deliberate action fuelled by a soulful partnership with the universe that is always available to you and giving you guidance.

Criss Turner

I am here to help you understand what is stopping you from living the life you yearn for, to re-engage you with your inner magician and use self-trust and courage to venture down the path you came here to swagger, run, dance, slide, write or fly along. I am here to help you dissolve self-judgment, procrastination, comparisons and feelings of being lesser than.

I made the same leap I ask my clients to make several years ago. I come from a small northern town where blue collar was the norm and white collar the higher calling. I didn't know how to think outside the box back then, but my heart sure pounded with the pulse of more, more, more. I have worked as a baker, I packed groceries, I was a ski-bum waitress who lived by night, I sold phone directories, then I morphed into a marketing manager and all that led me to 'meh'.

I worked with a life coach (before anyone really knew what that was, including me!) and revealed my fears and dreams. My coach listened and showed me how to lean in to who I am. To reengage with the person I had been ignoring most of my life. I felt the twinkle of how it is to live when you really listen to your true self. The quiet, intuitive, unafraid and unwavering self. This is when I started to think and live outside the box. When I discovered that the only permission I needed was my own.

Want to know what I am really proud of now?

  • Selling everything I owned to attend a world-renowned theatrical art school in NYC (uh, crazy awesome), with no acting experience
  • Letting go of people who I thought I needed to love me. The people who I thought I had to impress, to win over to complete me. I did this by learning to impress, win over and complete myself, by and for myself
  • Getting my motorcycle license and riding a Harley Davidson
  • Running a half-marathon and then a few more
  • Meeting my partner in life and committing to him
  • Birthing a daughter and then a son and now raising them (they actually raise me)
  • Seeking professional help to heal and move the hell on from stories laced with self-loathing, dirty pain, lack of worth and unmanaged anger
  • Earning my certification as a Martha Beck Life Coach
  • Having spontaneous family dance parties in my pj's which reminds me that being fun and playful is infectious and silly is highly underrated and healing
  • Understanding that I have so much to learn, to give, to do and that it demands hard work and I have to show the ‘F’ up if I want to live the life I yearn for.

It hasn't always been a party. I have been through the darkest of dark.

I know what it's like to want to wake up to a whole new life and leave your memory behind. How it feels to have no connection to your dreams, how it feels to not care about anything or anyone. How the body can try to stop the next breath because of pain and loss so excruciating it almost seems better to check out than think of what could possibly be worth sticking around for. I have lived the grind of day after day after day on auto-pilot without a flicker of a spark. I have been there, dooooown there, and I have risen up on the other side. A few times.

Read my blog “How I Freed My Feisty” to learn about the steps I took to rise up.

If you wish to rekindle your spark or are ready to blaze like the sun but feel stuck, uninspired or know you need someone in your corner, get in touch. I'm good at getting people out in the ring.