Pride is Not a Sin it is a Savior

My friend and I were talking about the word pride. We both grew up with the belief that to be proud was wrong.  She looked up the definitions for pride (“a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction from one’s own achievements”) vs. prideful (“having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views … Read more Pride is Not a Sin it is a Savior

I Found Sparkles In My Bra

Sparkles Flying

I don’t like getting my photo taken. I have lots of stories about why I don’t. You know, the ones on Facebook where I think “I did not approve that!!!”, a nose angle that I didn’t even know I had, the shots where my features don’t line up and the “I am pretty sure that looked good in the mirror” one. But when I … Read more I Found Sparkles In My Bra

Feisty Shatters Shame

person hugging themselves, hand on shoulder

When something happens to you beyond your control, beyond your boundaries of trust and safety, it is very tempting to stay hidden and closed. When you were your most vibrant, some event happened that created a feeling of innate wrongness and left you in fragments of self-loathing and dread. Life went from glorious and colorful to flat and … Read more Feisty Shatters Shame

How I Freed My Feisty

I have been subject to a lot of direct and indirect messages about how to be in this world. Messages, both subtle and in my face, that simultaneously offend and oppress. Who do you think you are?’  The world doesn’t revolve around you.  Just suck it up.   Carry on.  It doesn’t really matter does it?   … Read more How I Freed My Feisty

Boys, Beers, and Bags

Criss with the pebbles

There have been a few traumatic experiences in my life. I don’t share them because they are deeply personal. What I will share is the sense of shame that these experiences created, the kind of shame that settled into my being and infected my view of myself, my world and how I made choices. It … Read more Boys, Beers, and Bags

Some FAQ’s about me

Born in Prince George, British Columbia Canada in 1974. I now live in Victoria on the gorgeous west coast. I am a Leo and I am a very proud Canadian gal. Criss is my given name. Good ol’ dad wanted to give me a unique twist. Criss Sahrene Turner is the mouthful. I honestly think that I was given the name Sahrene as … Read more Some FAQ’s about me

Drop Your Bag

Shame as defined by Brené  Brown is “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging.”    Shame intrudes and holds on to you like a MOFO. It is the biggest suitcase you tote through the airport because you have convinced yourself you need this container with … Read more Drop Your Bag