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Hi you. I am grateful you made it here and I look forward to hearing your story, what you want to change and where you would like to journey. 

To book, click on the hour session option below and let's get going! 

I do offer a free chat (~ 20 minutes) where we can jam over Skype or Zoom if you feel so inclined. Let's see if we feel the invitation to make shit happen yeah?

Coaching is about showing up and doing the work. You and me. 

Once you book, you will receive an email from me that will solidify details and provide more context and pre-work, so keep your eyes open for that. Look in junk or spam just in case. Any messages with crissturner in the address will be what you need. 

It's time. 


We start on the playing field strong. I want the integrity and energy to be clean from the get-go. For us to be a team, we both need to show up present and on time. I am big on doing my best and I ask that of my clients.

I know what it takes for me to be fully engaged with a client. I know all the behind the scenes time and prep that each client takes. I don’t negotiate on a session fee. I have been down that path and the energy takes away from both the client and the coach, muddies the integrity of the commitment and the work.

If you can not make your booked time, you can use that session fee towards a rescheduled session, one time. A no show is not rescheduled and I do not do refunds.