Some FAQ’s about me

Criss looking at ocean

Born in Prince George, British Columbia Canada in 1974. I now live in Victoria on the gorgeous west coast.

I am a Leo and I am a very proud Canadian gal.

Criss is my given name. Good ol’ dad wanted to give me a unique twist. Criss Sahrene Turner is the mouthful. I honestly think that I was given the name Sahrene as the quest for my life (I will never be described as a calm or peaceful person) and will spend my earth-bound days seeking serenity. Thanks, Dad. xo

– Marketing Communications Diploma from B.C.I.T
– Associates Degree in Occupational Studies for Dramatic Art from AADA where I discovered the power of truth, body connection, voice, presence and observation.
– Certified Life Coach with Martha Beck Life Coach Training. Dr. Martha Beck is a pioneer of the life coaching movement, was Oprah’s life coach and knows what she’s teaching!
– My two children Ella and Nicolaas (more degrees than I can list here)

A few things I love:

  • Amazing scents like Thymes Fraser Fir or Escents Yoga essential oil. I have candles burning or my aroma diffuser on ALL the time. It makes me very happy (feeding your happy is the whole point).
  • Big rocker hair, actually the whole rocker look, think Joan Jett and Steven Tyler. Must play guitar.
  • Oh man, movies. Almost Famous. La La Land. Star Wars (I had Princess Leia sheets when I was little, although I would have given anything for the two bun hair do). Wonder Woman!!
  • I am currently reading Women Who Run With the Wolves – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.
  • My barre studio. Kristen and her amazing team at Alive Mind & Body. They shape my booty and my heart all at the same time. In general I love to exercise. Bodies love to move! Kickboxing, running, hiking, paddle boarding. Sweat is soothing.
  • Louboutins to Adidas. Velvet, suede, bright blue, spiky metal, patent pink. I could have a whole website just to celebrate shoes.
  • It’s almost as close to my love of shoes. I really love a good pair of jeans. My favs are Citizens of Humanity, Paige, Mother, RE/DONE, vintage Levi’s. Lord stop me now. I’ve got curves and I love me some curvy denim.
  • I am a total coffee snob. Touch of non dairy creamer (that was a battle). The iced coconut milk latte at Hey Happy is very special.
  • Beats. Heartbeat. If it has a rhythm I adore it.
  • Wild and mystical animals. Falcons. I dig the big birds. I can’t imagine life without them. Bald eagles are my heart. Wolves, dragons, unicorns, griffins, whales, big cats. Power.
  • Tunes! Can you even imagine a world without music? I have my Sonos blasting all day long. Yacht rock (Christopher Cross to Hall & Oates…makes me sooooo happy), jazz, 80’s anything, 70s rock, Hits 1, R&B, lounge, country. I can listen to Michael McDonald sing all day.
  • FOOD!! Guacamole, well anything Mexican, Thai and Indian curries, burgers, popcorn, Lindt dark chocolate, fresh chewy bread, smoothies, fresh pressed juice and any fresh fruit and most vegetables. No eggplant. Ever.
  • Red and white. Californian reds. New Zealand whites. Bubbles.
  • Fresh flowers.
  • Bold colors. And black. And gold.
  • Getting letter mail.
  • Statement t’s and socks. Statements  are my jam.
  • Moving water. Ocean. Beach. Sand. Breeze. Whales. Linen. I need a vacation.
  • New places, new people, new possibilities. Some of my fav’s so far: Scotland, South Africa, Spain, British Virgin Islands, Alaska, New York.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Gold markers? Oh my.

What  trips me up:

  • Data collecting. I can research like a MOFO but it can be a great source of procrastination.
  • Doing the work. I love to work hard, but I really love to play and see where the day takes me. Gypsy forever.
  • Instant gratification. Relates to doing the work right? I am learning where it is good to seek instant gratification (exercise is a good one).
  • Wanting to be right. Better yet, thinking I am right.
  • So many choices and so many distractions.
  • I love having tidy spaces. Another great source of procrastination.
  • Social media. This is back to data collecting. I love to know what people are up to and to connect with my Tribe and my village. Extreme  gratification, extreme time wasting.
  • Expectations. I work on having a healthy dose. It is good to know what jives with my authentic self. It is also good to know when I am making it impossible to get going because I am stuck in the mindset of things being predictable or perfect. This is all based on a need to control and I am consistently reminding myself that this is unnecessary bullshit.
  • Body image. I am strong and healthy. I have more love and compassion for my body than ever but there is a long legacy of negative talk that I am conscious of that I deal with.
  • Wanting to do it all. So much life to live and the days seem so short. Patience is not my strong suit. In fact, I don’t even own that suit.

What I want to have in this life:

  • Vibrant and rich experiences with people and places
  • To be of service in healing our hearts and healing our planet
  • To live divinely inspired, to be one with my Muse
  • To meet other people who live and love in the same frequency as me and to find those that can help me raise my vibration
  • Expansion and purpose in action
  • Creation, one thing after another til I die
  • A healthy mind, healthy body, shared spirit
  • Prosperity and lots of wealth to share
  • A legacy that I and my children can stand on.

People who I admire and learn from:

I plan on sharing more fun things down the road. Thanks for reading. xo