What I Do

What is a life coach?
A life coach is your co-pilot. I am by your side as you learn to turn off auto-pilot, get back to the control panel and trust yourself to switch on manual mode as you re-chart your course, one manoeuvre at a time. I am there so you can take risks, try new moves and rediscover your power in the captain's seat with a sense of safety and camaraderie. I am there to help you see what you may not see, give you some new skills and tools to work with and ultimately to celebrate your experience alongside you.

Life coaching is not therapy.

We will dissolve old stories and fears but the magic will come in your doing. Our energy will be forward-focused.

How does a life coach work?
The wisdom to create the life that you yearn for is inside of you. I use tools to help clients get connected to their brilliance and then help them move through situations, thoughts and fears that are blocking the path forward.

I simplify and magnify. You gain focus and force.

You move from static to tactic.

We meet as equals with our own strengths and limitations. This is your quest and I am here to witness and encourage your true self to guide our time spent together. We will always learn from one another. I do not preach, I am not a master. I am a human being who has a gift supported by real practices that I wish to use to help other people live in potential and feel expansive. You are a human being who has a gift that you wish to use too, I bet. We unravel this together.

Tools I use:

  • Finely-tuned listening which includes holding space for real trust to exist combined with deep discernment
  • The Body Compass as taught by Martha Beck
  • Thought work
  • Mind Body work
  • Metaphors
  • Dream Analysis
  • Vision Boards
  • Energy management practices
  • Ideas to get you taking action
  • Anything that I am inspired to bring to the table (I am a living “Coaching Wikipedia”).

Where I can deep dive:

  • Intimacy
  • Shame
  • Control and personal power
  • Body image
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Self compassion
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of being seen
  • Anxiety
  • Trusting your gut
  • How to go for it

What you can expect of me

  • That I will always show up for you
  • I will be present, engaged, kind and authentic
  • I will be rooted in my integrity
  • I will provide a safe space for you
  • I will listen 
  • I will see you and I will respect you
  • I will be feisty and fun and I will laugh (so will you I hope!)
  • I will be direct
  • I will care
  • I will be available to you
  • I will be openhearted

What I expect from you

  • To share and to listen
  • To see yourself and be yourself
  • To be kind, first and foremost to yourself
  • To take responsibility for your part of our relationship because it won’t work unless you do
  • To always show up for me (no pretense)
  • To be present, engaged, kind and authentic
  • To be rooted in your integrity (and I can help coach on that)
  • To be willing to enter a safe space and be vulnerable

“In a troubled time, the willingness
to proceed like you are needed
is a radical act.”
― Stephen Jenkinson

Why I Coach

I coach because I know what it is like to be stuck, confused, spinning with thoughts and feeling disenchanted. I coach because I know how transformative it can be to make one bold choice and get going with your life. I know what it means when the right person at the right time lends a hand. It can make all the difference.

I coach because I would come across statements  like ‘live your best life’, ‘awaken to your potential’, ‘follow your destiny', and so on and I kept feeling “yes, that!’” but had no frickin’ idea HOW. How do you live your right life? What does that even mean? It’s  enticing but feels mysteriously unavailable. So I started to seek out the how and after almost twenty years  I now have a potent arsenal of tools that I use to live my own life that I want to share with others who are ready and want to bridge this gap between eagerly confused to  clear and empowered.

I coach because people are being asked to show up. The world needs brave, creative and awakened people to make great change. Now.


"At the risk of seeming wacky - believe me, I am usually as cynical as George Carlin - I will start by saying that a few days before I started coaching with  Criss  I had this dream: A delivery man knocked on my door, saying he was sent from upstairs with a package, a gift, from Canada. And that is exactly what working with  Criss  was like for me! She helped me peel off many layers of guilt that I have been carrying around for years. She taught me to quiet my lizard brain a little so I can listen to the wiser part of me, and to respect my true needs, desires, and inner knowledge. She gave me tools that I can use for life. And, most importantly, she helped me trust myself and love myself a bit more.”   
- E.L., Athens, Greece. 

“Embarking on a life coaching journey is a like buying a ticket to the adventure of your life. Criss is an extraordinary travelling companion. To sit with her is to sit with someone who is bright, kind, non-judgemental and warm. Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, she has an acute ability to tune in to your frequency and really hear you. With her careful and sometimes difficult get-to-the-heart-of-it questions she takes you deep into yourself in search of your Truth. For me, that place was muddy but doing the work with Criss helped me gain clarity. Not only that but I was encouraged to listen to my gut instinct and to trust it. With empathy and compassion Criss has challenged my limiting beliefs and inspired confidence in living an abundant, authentic life.” 

- B.S. Victoria, Canada  

“I went to Criss looking for help with my anxiety and insecurities. Our connection as coach and client was instant as we both have a strong belief in personal growth, in learning, and in striving to live our Truth. I have always felt safe when working with her- she creates a safe space and I trust her completely. I feel like I can say anything in our sessions together. We have worked through my past stories and issues, where she helped me gain a clearer picture of where my thoughts and reactions developed from. We are now working on setting some creative goals and finding ways to continue to live authentically. She has helped me find the confidence to believe in myself and to finally start putting myself first- to live from a place of truth.  
Criss has an incredible ability to see through what I'm saying, to see past my fears and anxieties, and allows me the space to be honest, every time. She knows how to respectfully cut through my excuses and help bring me to where I've been afraid to go alone. She asks questions that open up new perspectives and possibilities and helps guide me to realizing how to become the best version of myself. I'm so grateful for our time together and recommend her to people all the time. This is what she's meant to do- it will change your life! " 

-M.P., Victoria, Canada  

“Criss is a wonderful coach. Her ability to cut through the fog of my thoughts helped me to gain clarity on what was holding me back and to create a vision for what I want to achieve. With her help I was able to create a more nurturing and soul fulfilling life style. “ 

-C.S., Vancouver, Canada